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Uniklubi Studio Diary Part II / Uniklubi Suosikki Fall 2008 [09 Feb 2009|11:51pm]

This is the second part of UK's Video Diary translated.

Under the cutCollapse )

Also, here's a translation of an old (dated fall 08, unfortunately I don't have the right source right now) Suosikki-article about the band.

I'm sorry that I do not have the right reference to this one, but Uniklubi's official Forum broke and I cannot check right now. In case the problem can be solved without lack of data, I will add the correct reference later.

Note that in the last part there are quite a few gaps... I blame it on their Finnish, sometimes they simply do not use words that can be found in dictionaries XD I also missed out most of the headings. I'll leave it mostly unchanged, so you'll find a few comments an complaints.
This might be further revised once the forum works again, because I remember that Nightingale had made some annotations and hints to vocabulary. ...but enough chatter:

// edit: I found the right reference and added the source below.

translation under the second cutCollapse )

// both translations (c) by fin_archive
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[06 Jan 2009|08:44pm]


Hello everyone,
being a new one let's start with myself before I come up with a little advertisement and offer ;) I hope it's ok to post that here, though.

Anyways, I'm a (almost, 5 1/2 weeks to go) 22 years-old female student of Finnish and English and I've been a fan of Finnish music ever since NGT came out in Germany in 2005.

I'm sorry that this is pretty much an advertisement, but I thought I could maybe contribute to this community by providung you with translations of articles interviews with / about Finnish bands from my journal. 
It's only very limited by now [including, rather old translations about NGT and, soon to come, Uniklubi], but I'm ready to translate basically everything on request from either German or Finnish to English [the translations from Finnish might take a little longer, but I will definitely try ;) ]. ~ so if there's anything you want to read, feel free to request ;)
If you want to find out more, check fin_archive .

Any updates will be posted here of course, too :)

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[02 Jan 2009|06:41pm]

i went to 3 of the Dynasty Tour concerts, and i really liked Mariko and was wondering if anyone has her music?

-- from the album Fabulous tonight

because the album is sold out from every store here..
and im not willing to pay any postiges if i ordered it, im low on money anyway :D

but id love if someone had any songs from that album♥!
i have maany songs by leevi and the leavings & timo rautiainen(ja trio niskalaukaus) if someone wants music in return.
..or otherwise
(x-posted to: dancer damour, finnish_music, suomirocks)
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!!!LoveX in Saint-Petersburg, Russia!!! ~!WELCOME!~ [04 Nov 2008|08:37pm]



Start -  6:00 pm
Tickets -  350 rub. (~10 euro)

Support from Saint-Petersburg:

- Sopor
- T.h.e. Sacrament
- Guaho 
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10 октября_клуб Орландина (СПб)_FIRESTARTER 2008: Три года INFINITY concert agency [28 Sep 2008|05:49pm]


Внимание всем любителям тяжёлой музыки и неформальной культуры!!!
10 октября Вас ждёт действительно интересное событие!

10 ОКТЯБРЯ состоится четвертый ежегодный фестиваль тяжёлой музыки FIRESTARTER 2008, проводимый концертным агентством INFINITY (Санкт-Петербург) и приуроченный к Дню рождения агентства - промо-группе исполняется 3 года! С каждым годом как данное, так и вообще все мероприятия, организуемые агентством, становятся все более интересными для слушателя и в этот раз INFINITY как всегда не разочарует Вас!
На сцене будут представлены по большей части известные команды различных направлений, в основном это будут группы около готических стилей и различных направлений альтернативной музыки, а также металл-команды. Среди хедлайнеров как российские, так и зарубежные группы.

Состав участников:

Узнать дальше...Collapse )

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New Community [19 Jun 2008|11:18am]

There is a new stillness community dedicated to metal bands. If you like making icons of Finnish metal bands (and others) check us out, I as mod love metal from Finland so there should be tons of challenges on these bands. Check out metal_stillness.
You can also check out scandi_chllg which is dedicated to Scandinavian pop culture.
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NEW COMMUNITY [19 Jan 2008|04:55pm]



This community is Private Line centred, meaning you can post *everything* from fanfic to news to photos and whatnot. It's a friendslocked community as well, so please join. ;D

sorry in advance if this is not allowed.
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Hello :] [07 Aug 2007|12:52pm]

I'm new here, so I just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm Anna :]
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In case you didn't know yet... [04 May 2007|01:50am]

We're back!

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Armageddon Fest: Finnish bands in St.-Petersburg, ROKS Club, 11.11.2006 [13 Nov 2006|08:35pm]
That was really great, specially Mannhai with Pasi Koskinen, although i enjoyed all the bands!!!
Here are my live shots from the gig:
X-Sangues Drown Me Blue Mannhai Amoral Barathrum
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25 ноября REFLEXION в Москве! [12 Oct 2006|12:27pm]

25 ноября (суббота) группа Reflexion (Финляндия)впервые даст концерт в Москве, клуб Релакс. Группа Reflexion - это основная группа вокалиста олл старз бэнда For My Pain Юхи Кюльманена!. Для всех любителей мелодичного рока!

Подробности похже в этой теме!
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SuomiRocks.com update [29 Jun 2006|06:31pm]


Hey there!

A specials about Private Line and SaraLee have been added.
-Kristina [29.06.2006]

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SuomiRocks.com update [01 Jun 2006|12:15am]


Hey there!

Parasite City special, Charon & Bloodpit pictures have been added. Also you can check live videos there: Charon, Bloodpit
-Kristina [31.05.2005]

rock it!

SuomiRocks.com update [29 May 2006|11:51pm]


Hey there!

Flylow special has been added.
-Kristina [30.05.2006]

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Update [13 Feb 2006|10:27pm]

Hey there!

Check out a special about Deep Insight from Lynn.



Added band pages of Crystal Syndicate, Eppu Normaali, The Pax, Prologue, Valerian and my favourite Rogue Angel ( there you can listen to some of their songs: myspace ).


rock it!

Join! [30 Jan 2006|12:13pm]


New Negative´s Communities!!! “War of Love official journal”




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Update [14 Dec 2005|06:10pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey there!

A special about RefleXion featuring interview with Juha Kylmänen has been added to the Specials section. Check it out!

Probably here won't be more updates in 2005. I go to Finland and hope to bring more material. See you in 2006. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)




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::nebie:: [13 Dec 2005|01:06am]

I just joined. I don't know if there are any other finns here, but over all it's a pleasure to see so many foreign people like finnish bands.

And I just ordered day elevens CD from the library. I had never heard them, so I can alreaddy thank you. You know there'ss been almost nothing here in finland so *shrugs her head* I hope I'll find out more about thins wonderful country here.
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[16 Nov 2005|03:53pm]

[ mood | calm ]




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[17 Sep 2005|09:43pm]

[ mood | sick ]


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